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Why Google, When You Can Coremine – Lecture by Jimita Toraskar

Dr. Jimita Toraskar from PubGene AS was invited to participate in the International Lecture Series organized by Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Pharmacy in Mumbai, India. As a part of this initiative, Dr. Jimita Toraskar (Scientist at PubGene AS) delivered a hands-on session titled, “Why Google when you can COREMINE” on September 27, 2020.

She demonstrated the application of data mining, data analysis and clustering information to make meaningful connects that can help narrow down relevant searches, identify insights, and redefine research projects and networking. COREMINE Medical enables biomedical researchers to navigate complex information networks and qualify associations that can stimulate new insights and help improve the users understanding of complex biological systems.

The COREMINE platform can be used for searching, updating, and sharing medical information. This session created an awareness to the availability of COREMINE MEDICAL free internet service based on text mining algorithms and big biomedical data integration. The service is targeted at medical health professionals, researchers, and students. PubGene AS plans to keep promoting COREMINE Medical so that more and more professionals can take advantage of this powerful free biomedical search engine.