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Our team

Håvard Hildeng Hauge

Strong scientific background with a PhD in Biochemistry. Long track record within the biotech arena, establishing and building biotech and drug development start-ups like Biomolex, Spermatech and Arctic Pharma. Worked with PubGene since 2004 in various positions being responsible for R&D projects, product development and business development. Cofounder of Arthings, a company that was listed on Oslo stock exchange in 2020.

Tor Kristian Jenssen
CTO/Cso, Co-founder

Founded PubGene while finishing his PhD. Published in high-profile journals such as Nature and Human Genetics. Over 20 years of experience with bioinformatics, text-mining and informatics for precision therapies. Successfully ed several projects for PubGene within these areas and combines technical background with supporting clinical decision and QA for CoreMine Vitae analysis.

John Erik Stacy
senior scientist

Core competence: Broad knowledge of concepts in genetics; Experience in laboratory automation and approaches to parallel screening. Previous experience from biotech before joining PubGene in 2003 as automation team leader in Affitech (2001-2003) and senior scientist in Genovision (2000-2001). Involved in R&D projects, management, and patient case analysis

Daniel Rustad
software engineer

Senior software engineer at Pubgene. Rustads fields of expertise are data processing and algorithm development. Computer engineering degree from OsloMet and a MsC in bioinformatics from the University of Oslo.