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PubGene received the Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence

PubGene’s project proposal Coremine Vitae: Realising the promise of precision medicine for cancer patients and their healthcare providers with biomedical intelligence reporting’ submitted for the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator programme has received the Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence, both at the January and the March cut-offs, confirming that the proposal passed all evaluation thresholds. 

Objectives for the innovation proposal is to make the tool Coremine Vitae globally available to healthcare providers and facility; and thus to contribute to making personalised medicine universally accessible to patients. 

CMV will be applied through two major offerings (as illustrated in figure): 


The primary business line is a B2B offering of CMV to healthcare providers and other relevant actors on a global scale through licensing the Application Programming        Interface (API) for data exchange.



Coremine Vitae biomedical intelligence reports will continue to be offered to patients, their treating clinicians, and other stakeholders in a B2C offering in selected countries. We offer two kinds of Coremine Vitae reports; ‘Coremine Vitae Mini’ reports are not personalized based on specific biomarkers, but provide comprehensive information based on data capture and big data analysis of data from many data sources. The personalized ‘Coremine Vitae’ reports are additionally based on the patient’s biomarkers.