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COREMINE™ is a family of products PubGene has developed using the company’s patented text mining algorithms, as well as big biomedical data integration and analysis pipeline.

The COREMINE™ family consists of:


Enables the analysis of complex cancer-specific mutational profiles – extracted from patient biopsies using next generation sequencing – and will leverage many features of the COREMINE™ Platform.

The first domain-specific information community built on top of the COREMINE™ Platform. It is a free Internet service for searching, updating, and sharing medical information – both search and social network.

Spin-off companies

Coremine Vitae was recently set up as a new commercial entity,.

Coremine Vitae makes personalized medicine accessible to patients and clinicians. Enables the healthcare system to find the best possible treatments based on the patient’s individual medical profile, including molecular and genetic biomarkers.

Vitae Evidence was recently set up as a new commercial entity.

Vitae Evidence is a SaaS solution for efficiently finding and evaluating evidence for personalized treatment options tailored to each patient molecular profile and preferences. Vitae Evidence is a CE-marked Medical Device Software platform.