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Pre-study on the use of COREMINE™ Medical AS decision support for Covid-19

Innovation Norway – the State and the county authorities’ instrument for achieving value-creating business development – has allocated pre-project funds to PubGene to investigate how COREMINE Medical can be used to identify “state of art” information when unforeseen health challenges (such as Covid-19) emerge.  

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us how vulnerable the global community is, and how important decisions need to be taken by healthcare systems in a short time based on a limited and complicated information landscape. The need for continuous updated information that supports decisions with the continuous updated global information is essential to meet challenges like the Covid-19 with effective measures – and be able to control them in retrospect. 

Following the virus outbreak, important global value chains have been broken. This has forced municipalities and primary health care providers to purchase essential equipment and technology via channels other than those commonly used. In this new situation, there is insufficient information available to secure procurement of the necessary quality. Constant information from various sources makes it very challenging to choose right information tsupport decisions.


COREMINE Medical can meet this need for critically updated, state-of-the-art information to support critical decisions made under time pressure by central, regional and local authorities and health care institutions. The figure illustrates how COREMINE Medical can be used to identify state the of the art information when unforeseen health challenges such as Covid-19 emerge. By identifying related viruses and using this as a starting pointresearchers may relate new challenges to old solutions. Drugs which today are tested (e.g. Cloroquine and Favipiravir) comes up as alternatives in the COREMINE search. It has been also been speculated what role the ACE2 protein has in relation to the severity of disease progression, furthermore it is also interesting how this can again point to different risk groups.

This preliminary study aims to clarify how COREMINE Medical can be adapted and developed for sudden emerging needs – with special focus on Covid-19. Partner in the project is Norway Health Tech (NHT) – Norway’s largest health cluster with 250 members. NHT has for a long time worked with national, regional and local authorities to help facilitate contact between health service needs and industry players who can deliver solutions to these needs.