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Coremine Medical used in new research

Amazing breakthroughs have been achieved this year through the use of Coremine Medical. Three studies have harnessed the power of Coremine Medical to further their research, resulting in new and exciting discoveries. One study, by Discon Sheeja Malar et al., explored the links between Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), Diabetes (DM), and COVID-19, and stated: “We used the Coremine Medical database to identify genes related to DM, AD, and COVID-19.”

Another study, by Quin Jiang et al., delved into the CLEC4E gene and its potential impact on gastric cancer prognosis. They utilised Coremine Medical to “predict therapeutic drugs, and molecular docking.”

The third study, by Tao Wang et al., focused on diagnostic molecules and traditional Chinese medicine components for Alzheimer’s disease. Coremine Medical was used to map genes and forecast prospective therapeutic Chinese medicines and construct a “Chinese medicine-ingredient-target” network to screen for potential therapeutic targets.