About Us

PubGene AS was founded in response to a clear demand for products that organize information for life sciences.

Information relevant to drug development, disease prevention, diagnostics and other issues pertaining to human health and wellbeing is the data-domain that PubGene addresses.

PubGene develops bioinformatics solutions for microarray approaches, including gene and protein arrays. PubGene provides a unique software-as-a-service platform, Coremine, which enables domain-specific community portals combining context networks. Coremine Medical provides qualified connections between medical concepts such as diseases, drugs, treatments, symptoms, genes and medical experts.

PubGene is well-positioned to become one of the leading providers of domain-specific online information communities.

With Coremine Medical, users get access to vast amounts of medical information from high quality sources such as MEDLINE, PubMed, DrugBank, ClinicalTrials, and a continuously increasing number of key biomedical information sources.

COREMINE Oncology enables the analysis of complex cancer-specific mutational profiles (extracted from patient biopsies using next generation sequencing). The tool will help guide the oncologist through the mutational maze, identifying key drivable and druggable mutations, and help the oncologist select the optimal treatment regimen or clinical trial.

PubGene Inc. is a privately held US-based bioinformatics company. PubGene Inc. wholly owns its Norwegian subsidiary PubGene AS and Sencel AS, where the main product development and coordination of marketing activities are carried out.