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Big coremine medical update

We have just launched an update of the Coremine Medical GUI and a data update. The GUI has gotten a new look-and-feel and color palette with design elements from our collaboration with the ANTI company. The intention is that the new design should be easier to use, easier to navigate, and allow the users to more easily focus on the data and information.

Today’s update also includes the first bi-weekly data update for 2024. For the rest of the year we will publish new data every second Monday with new articles and connections. Registered users may subscribe to alert emails with update information when new articles or connections are available for their concepts of interest.

Please feel free to let us know if you like the new design. Also, please get in touch if you need help using Coremine Medical or have ideas for new features or other suggestions. We would love to hear from you. You may use the feedback form on or leave us a note here. Note that to use the feedback form you need to log in.

Coremine Medical Explorer tab. New design 2024-02.