Enabling Personalised Medicine – Putting Patients First

Enabling Personalised Medicine – Putting Patients First

Our tools are used across the world for mining evidence for better diagnoses and possible treatments for every single patient.

We serve:


Clinics and clinicians

Medical research companies

Sequencing service providers

Our Mission

To enable the personalised medicine paradigm shift by mining evidence for better diagnosis and treatment roadmaps, and to reduce the cost of personalised medicine intelligence.

Our Proprietary Technology

Enables the user to mine large repositories of information using advanced statistical text mining algorithms and specialized Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Our Cutting-Edge Expertise

Text mining algorithms, big biomedical data integration and analysis pipeline. Spans all stages of software development, including project finding, specification, development and testing. 

PubGene is a research-intense company and have over the last two decades developed many products aiming to facilitate a better understanding of personalized medicine. PubGene is the creator/incubator of two new commercial-focused companies. The companies are Coremine Vitae AS who is responsible for broadening and scaling the Coremine Vitae analysis business, and Vitae Evidence AS who is responsible for developing the Vitae Evidence SaaS product and services.

COREMINE™ is a family of products PubGene has developed using the company’s patented text mining algorithms, as well as big biomedical data integration and analysis pipeline.


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